The One Year Mark

Ritual + Accompaniment Through the Pandemic Portal

Image by spoxx, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Ritually Marking One Year of Quarantine

A view of the Rio Grande, where I’ll be gathering with a few others to ritualize one year of quarantine and to cross through the portal in mid-March, 2021.

1. Honoring Grief

2. Naming What’s Been Revealed and Learned

Nearby cottonwood companions, dancing in the afternoon light.

3. Crossing the Threshold—#NoGoingBack

Tubes from forty-seven roles of toilet paper used in my home during the pandemic. Likely to become objects for ritual use…

Accompaniment and Accountability Through the Portal

Sandhill cranes take flight over the Rio Grande.

Artist, organizer, co-founder: U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, Nuns & Nones, Taproot. Writing from Tiwa territory, in ABQ, NM.

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